Today, international investors are no longer making their strategic location decisions around the world solely on the base of the access to natural resources and the availability of low-cost labors. They define their choices based on the presence of researches potential and highly qualified skills, a territorial network of training of high-level, world-class of communication and logistics infrastructure, access platforms to digital networks, etc… They are therefore moving towards international investment destinations where they can establish a real strategic dialogue with local authorities and territories. From this point of view Kenitra is ideally situated via its geographical position accordingly to the global flows of development and major investments in equipment that government realizes there. CLIK’s mission is to be a regional platform for welcoming foreign investors in order to:

  • Develop a genuine Brand Content for Kenitra and its territory of action vis-à-vis international investors
  • Coordinate the international action of territorial actors’ networks, with the main objective of implementing investments that generate drive effects on local businesses.
  • Assists investors by being an international interface to Kenitra.

CLIK supports at the same time Moroccan companies in their development strategies for export. Awareness-raising actions are organized to encourage and guide companies with strong export potential to conquer new foreign markets. CLIK also offers to introduce the companies to disposals and modalities of the international trade, and offers an assistance as part of the various mechanisms of support to the export, driven by governmental institutions such as Maroc Export, the AMDI (Moroccan Agency for Investment Development) and the CNCE (National Council for Foreign Trade) public aid for export.