Human resources are the determining factor of your company’s competition, its first wealth and the main component of its intangible heritage. CLIK is part of an ambition to contribute to the development and enhancement of skills,to raise the conditions for a social dialogue that puts people at the heart of concerns, to maintain a good quality of life at work and to promote all forms of intelligence, skills, abilities, intellectual and cultural resources and know-how in a common perspective of added value and performance. It also suggests to support the internationalization of the company in a context of globalization of the economy and opening of the territory through an appropriate management of multinational teams and an adequate consideration of multiculturalism.

With more than 20 years of experience for most of us in the field of professional training and in support of companies for the development and enhancement of skills, CLIK is the ideal partner for human resources. It can be about elaboration and carrying out an HR policy, the organization, optimization and sustainability of key skills and support of your company in its transformation projects and recruitment.