Using its network of consultants, experts, academics, engineers and experienced practitioners, CLIK allows companies and territorial actors to strengthen their mastery of different aspects of management and engineering. Through its consulting services, CLIK supports companies in their development process and in the development of appropriate strategies and their implementation.

In this perspective, the use of strategic management, the control and exploitation of information and communication technologies, the adoption of innovative processes of production and quality management, the integration of the environmental dimension , are now essential factors for the competitiveness of the company and the territory.

  • In this sense, CLIK is strategically positioned as a platform for: Linking companies with consulting services: helping companies to better diagnose their needs and guide consulting firms’ service offerings.
  • showcasing all this potential of know-how, skills and competences vis-à-vis international investors,
  • participation in the emergence of creative and innovative capacities within companies.

To develop business intelligence and responsiveness, CLIK sets up a world-class technology platform to disseminate the most advanced technologies such as database management, big data data mining, connected objects, management of virtual communities, online services, …